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Mindy Kaling : An American actress, stand-up comedian, and writer. (follow on twitter . . . )

Bio : writer/performer/shopper

Sample Tweet: “When it’s drizzly and cold I want to watch Love Actually on my sofa with Rusty, my squid stuffed animal. Oh, I’m a brain-damaged spinster.”

Facts of the Day

The electric chair was first suggested by a dentist – Alfred Southwick of Buffalo, New York – after he read that a man had been killed falling into the generator at the city’s electricity plant.

Quote of the Day

â’When the grandmothers of today hear the word “Chippendales,” they don’t necessary think of chairs.” Joan Kerr

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Free Software

Picture 1Orb
Orb has developed an award winning service that combines the use of an internet media portal and a proprietary software application. Orb leverages the best in already available technology (hi-speed broadband, Wi-Fi, wireless internet access and sophisticated portable devices) to provide a brand new way for people to connect with their digital media in the manner “how, when and where” they most desire. In short, Orb provides the ability to “MyCast”.

MyCasting gives the user instant access to photos, music, videos, live television, and other digital content on their home PC at anytime and from any internet-connected device, such as a cell phone (including the iPhone/iTouch) Wii, PDA or laptop. (orb . . .)


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Interesting Non Tech News

A Little Too Late
‘Octomom’ doctor expelled from reproductive medicine society (new scientist. . .)

Real and Fake State Mottos
Wisconsin State Mottos : (real) “Forward” (fake) “Come cut the cheese” – Those are my choices? Really? How Dull. (huffington post . . .)

Practical Website

A personal dashboard for storing notes. Click on me to edit, or click “Add” from the upper right corner of the screen to add more notes. Notes are automatically and safely stored on the eco-friendly Listhings servers. Basically a virtual post-it note storage facility. (listhings . . .)

Tech & Science News

6 Diseases You Never Knew You Could Catch
Conditions that used not to be thought of as contagious
. (new scientist . . .)

A Job I Want
CIA will monitor Twitter. Everyone tweet, “Hi CIA!” (slashdot . . .)

Hollywood Needs to Change
Technology, internet and those pesky applications keep people all comfy at home watching movies. Excuse me a moment while I update my Netflix Queue to watch on my Roku.  (cnet . . .) Little Black Box That Streams Thousands of Films!

Netflix, Inc.

AT&T Bullies Employees
Sending a memo to all employees to complain about FCC rules and how to complain properly about Google. (washington post . . .)

Windows Unsafe for Banking
Not news, but to most people they just have no idea and feel that their computer is safe. Basically security is not just a one-way street. Having access to your bank account online is as secure as your computer. Microsoft Windows users are the least safe with online transactions. (linux today. . .)

iTunes Uses Twitter
Anyone who is following the iTunes Twitter accounts is someone who doesn’t use iTunes. This is over kill. Have you seen iTunes application?  Talk about over digital stimuli. (yahoo . . .)

Do It Quick, Just Don’t Use Google
Europeans want digital books, now. The only plea, “Don’t use Google”.  I just wonder who else is digitizing books that isn’t associated with a specific e-reader?  Google is the only one willing to make digital books work on any machine, with a browser. Will there ever be an e-reader with a browser?  (tech dirt . . .)

US Energy Cost, That Doesn’t Make Your Electric Bill
The US is in the process of phasing in new standards for diesel/biodiesel vehicles. As a result, by 2030, diesel is expected to have some of the lowest externalized costs of any transportation technology.  (arstechnica . . .)

Nook is Out and Better Than Kindle
Barnes and Noble leaks their new ereader to the Wall Street Journal. It has a color multitouch screen, to be used as a keyboard or to browse books, cover-flow style. The “Nook” will also be able to get books from the Google Books Project. Now what let’s sit back and watch Amazon react? Suggestions to Amazon lower boook prices, slash $80 off Kindle and activate browser. (wired . . .)

Picture 1

Don’t Hold Your Breath
It doesn’t look like Apple products will get cheaper. (os news. . .)

Shot or Not Shot
Just because someone tells you something it doesn’t mean fact, do your own research. This also goes for anything found on the internet, heard on Fox News and on any radio talk show whose host is fat and christian.  (wired . . .)

No Need To Hide Stash
Unless you fight how gets to hold the roach clip.  (mit . . .)

Do dishes while you sleep, just a helpful little reminder. (life hacker . . .)

Free Wifi When Flying Virgin
Thanks Google!  Now how can we get Google to move into Ashland, WI and get this little town free wifi? (pc world . . .)

U2 Fan?
U2’s concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in California on Sunday will be streamed live on YouTube. (bbc . . .)


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Parking Entertainment


Blade Commercial


Fun Website Pick

Picture 1Sexy People
Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, I think. The Sexy People blog has been around for a while, making damn sure that the portraits of yesteryear are never forgotten.

Prepare yourself to waste your time with the most unusual and sometimes horrifying fun pictures you have ever laid your eyes on. (link to site. . .)

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