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British saltshakers generally have only one hole, while the pepper pot has several. In Iceland, the saltshaker has many holes, but the pepper pot has only one.

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â’A cucumber should be well-sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out.” Samuel Johnson

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Picture 1Boxee
Boxee gathers video from all over the Web (Hulu, YouTube,, and many others) and puts it in a very neat and easy-to-use interface that can be accessed on your PC or on the TV in the living room. This creates something like a programming guide for Internet video, such that you don’t have to surf around to different video sites–all your favorite Web video is right in front of you. Boxee also accesses and organizes the video, images, and music that you have on your hard drive. Works for any OS including Mac, Windows and Linux. (boxee . . .)


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Comcast Buying NBC Universal?
More reason to drop cable, it is just the same old programming owned by only a few.  (gizmodo . . .)

Online Scan are Scams
Tens of millions of U.S. computers are loaded with scanning software that are nothing more than scams in security. (yahoo . . .)

No Anti-Virus Needed
Another reason to not upgrade to Windows 7, just go Linux.  (linux . . .)

1-800-SUICIDE Update
Suicide hotline help numbers have been transferred from from a non-profit to a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.  So, calling suicide hotline will be connected to the same department who will send Social Security checks. (arstechnica . . .)

Barnes and Nobles might have new e-reader, Alex.  (springdesign. . .)

An e-reader for the professional, Que.  (pc world . . .)

Kindle International
Amazon’s Kindle has reached out to the beyond the US borders, legally. But is it enough to make the Kindle profits steady?  With new e-readers coming to market with both more functionality and color . . . why would you buy a $300 dollar e-reader? Wait, update people are selling their Kindle cheap, you can get one used for $180, that’s cool.  Advice, wait for Alex and Que to make an appearance the prices of all e-reader might just get better and come with more gadget-like qualities.  If I were you, hold out for the browser.  (crn . . .)

Trojans Big In US
Dirty mind.  I am not talking about condoms, but computer viruses. According to Microsoft people in the US better buy their protection software for Windows.  Those in Brazil, you are just screwed.  Just wondering, Microsoft Windows is the only Operating System under this constant threat . . . just don’t do windows. Duh! (neo win . . .)

Social Networks Rumble
Twitter vs Facebook – it’s going down.  Basically Twitter is for those who like it fast and Facebook are for those who like it slow. If you are like me — I like it both ways. Don’t get me wrong, I just ping and fuse it baby! (internet news . . .)


Microsoft Got Sidekicked
The Sidekick data loss will cost Microsoft Millions. Guess who is going to pay for that? Windows 7, 8 and 9 users. Or . . . Blame someone else. (tom’s hardware. . .)

Oracle and Sun Get Blamed for Sidekick Data Loss
Microsoft puts out a report, the Sidekick data (danger) was being stored on Sun servers with Oracle database. Note to those who are just wondering, yes Microsoft has their own server and database software.  I just goes to show you that Microsoft won’t even use their own products. (the sun . . .)

iPhone App Removed
Because AT&T said so.   (tuaw . . .)

Pontiac ’66 Goes Green
Take one muscle car and turn it into a green geeky machine. Sexy! (wired . . .)

A Very Good Reason You Should Be Watching Dollhouse
We need to prepare ourselves against such mind technology. Echo is going to train us, through “Dollhouse” episodes, on how to maintain ourselves and adjust if our brain is zapped. You aren’t watching, you should because a mind swipe isn’t funny on TV or in real life. (new scientist . . .)


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Balloon Boy Vomits On Today Show


Talking House Commercial


Fun Website Pick

AwkwarPicture 1d Family Photos
Oh, what horrors the Sears Photo Studio has wrought! If you’ve ever starred in a photo where everyone in your family is wearing the same stupid T-shirt, you could have your few minutes of Internet fame on this blog. (awkwardfamilyphotos . . .)

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