Signs of McCain’s Dementia

McCain has show multiple signs of Dementia in the first 2008 Presidential Debate. Some are physical, slight mental breakdowns and a few just babble.

One of the mistakes that most people make is Dementia is only a mental breakdown due to old age. Dementia also affects walking, standing balance, muscle flexibility and handgrip. Poor handgrip is associated with later dementia in people who already showed early signs of mild cognitive decline. Which bring me to McCain.

  • McCain’s inability to use two hands to communicate and stand at the same time shows a lack of balance.  He constantly slouches over the podium, holds on the podium and never uses two hands to communicate.
  • When he is free standing, someone is always holding his back and when McCain shakes hands he must grab on to more for balance.  If he does use both hands, it is only for a brief moment looking like he is telling a story about the “fish that got away”, he needs the ‘wide stance’ for balance.  If he put his hands in front of him, he probably will fall over.
  • McCain is unable to move his arms in a simple forward fashion. His muscle control loss will not allow for forward motion of his upper arms.  McCain muscles have deteriorated and do not go up and down and it produces a bow effect with joints (elbows, shoulders) drop and outward.
  • None or poor handgrip.

Poor judgment and Irrational decisions one of the difficult signs of dealing with dementia and old age.  To tell someone, no fault of their own, they are unable to make rational, healthy and/or smart decisions.  We have seen not only these in first debate some of McCain’s but his campaign and political judgments are quite manic and irrational.

One of the more obvious signs of dementia is combining words in unusual and confusing way. We all from time to time use a malaprops, but through out the debate McCain has thrown out statements either without follow-up or explanation.  Here are my choice favorites from the first 2008 Presidential Debate:

MCCAIN: By the way, North Korea, most repressive and brutal regime probably on Earth. The average South Korean is three inches taller than the average North Korean, a huge gulag.

We don’t know what the status of the dear leader’s health is today, but we know this, that the North Koreans have broken every agreement that they’ve entered into.

What is McCain saying?  Is he saying that because North Korea is a repressive and brutal society that anyone over a certain height limit is automatically killed?  Is there a practice of foot binding? Poor beds? Poor Nutrition habits?  Dear leader? This is not a letter!

His quick, abrasive decision making is not an asset to the United States.  It is only going to get worse!