Gender Bender Movies on TCM

TCM does it again! September 23, 2008 TCM will be bringing crossdressing/drag classic films to the television screen.  The movies are, starting at 8:00 PM with Yentel and then straight into Victor/Victoria, Some Like it Hot and finishing up the the new classic movie Tootsie.

Poster Ed Wood's "Glen or Glenda"

What this goes to show that even a controversial subject of crossdressing/drag can be entertaining.  Although I would have added a couple more films to make it a week long adventure. I would include Torch Song Trilogy, The Rocky Horror Picture ShowPsycho, Glen or Glenda, Sylvia Scarlett, and The Kremlin Letter

TCM always does a great job in bring the best, commercial free, into your living room.  Now, if they can put full feature films online . . . that would great. I would be willing to pay up to $5.00 a month for unlimted online content (NOTE: That is more than the $0.30 cable companies pay for subscribers.  I would suggest TCM to look towards BBC’s iplayer).

So, get your DVR, VCR, or PVR set becuase these movies don’t end until 5:00 AM, and folks this is a school night.

The Kremlin Letter is not available on DVD, at this time.