Free Professional Resource :: Business Cards & 5 Tips To Utilize Business Cards

5 Tips To Utilize Business Cards

1. Business Card & House Keys Leave Together ::

Never, ever leave home without at small stack of business cards.  You just never know.

2. 6 Degrees of Separation :: 

When you send a birthday card, gift, thank you note, and even paying a bill – a business card should be a habit with everything (minus funerals).  Hand your business card out as if the more you hand out the longer you live. This is your lifeline . . . you want to sustain yourself and handing out business cards is the first step to any branding process.

3. Business Card Etiquette ::

Business card dance is so important. You want a client. You need to network.  Just because the person standing in front of you doesn’t need your services doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future or they know someone – who knows someone . . . Here is what you need to do to make an impression with a business card.

  1. Whenever you give a business card, ask for a business card.
  2. When you are given a business card take a few seconds and read the entire card in front of the person.  Shoving it away is bad business.
  3. After reading the card move the discussion towards information about information on THEIR business card.
  4. As they talk pull out a pen, flip the card around and write date/time, location and a keywords from the conversation.
  5. After you finished, put it in your pocket/wallet/business card holder  . . . and tap it twice “to show you are holding precious cargo”.
  6. The next stage is to see how well you were listening . . . ask the person to go into detail about a topic you wrote down on the back of the card.

4. The World Needs to See Your Business Card ::

Hand them out to everyone, family, friends and don’t be stingy . . . give ’em one or two.  Most individuals do not have just one office – most have a home, portable and professional office.  If you hand out one card then you’re limiting your possible client to be at the right office when your services could be utilized.

5.  Not Just a Name & Number :: 

  • Put a slogan on your business card that answers the question “Why should I call you?” Or “What makes you different?'”
  • Website
  • Email

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