Fake Postcards Will Infect Your Computer

Fake Internet postcards circulating through e-mail inboxes worldwide are carrying links to the virus known as Zeus Bot. Zeus Bot has been named Americaâ’s most pervasive computer Botnet virus by Network World magazine, reportedly infecting 3.6 million U.S. computers.

These fake postcards ask users to click and download to view the contents, and as soon as that click is made the Zeus Bot malware has infected their computers. Once on a userâ’s computer, Zeus Bot will give cyber criminals access to passwords and account numbers for bank, e-mail and other sensitive online accounts.  Scared? You should be.

A Botnet is a collection of compromised or infected computers that runs specific software that usually has been installed on computers without the userâ’s knowledge.

Cyber criminals who are employing the Russian-language Zeus Bot software are using the fake Internet postcards as the latest mechanism to download the virus software onto unwitting usersâ’ computers. Once the virus is on a computer it becomes a part of the Zeus Botnet and is able to steal Web site data from victims.

The malware uses a graphical user interface to keep track of infected machines throughout the world and is equipped with tools that allow the criminals to prioritize the banks and related stolen accounts they want to strike. Still scared?

fake postcards download dangerous malware

How to Protect Yourself

  • Never Ever Click – don’t click a link ever! (even if it is from your bank, paypal, ebay or any other site)
  • Hand Type –  Type the address for the site that the message is coming from into your browser, log in normally. If the site has an important message . . . it will be there.
  • Doubt Means Delete – If you are unsure of the email, DO Not open it.  Delete it ASAP.
  • No Attachments – Do not open any attachments, ever — EVER.  If you must see what is inside, save attachment to desktop and ‘right click’ on save attachment to scan for viruses. If you can’t don’t open it.
  • FW Means Delete – Delete any emails that have FW (especially more than one).  Yes I know you love those cute little kittens, but it is most likely including a virus or malware.  It doesn’t matter if you know the person who is sending it to you, they also might be infected without knowledge. Delete it ASAP.