Elaine 1919: America’s Best Kept Secret Uncovered

Elaine 1919 American Holocaust, using a powerful fictional story to tell the true narrative of the largest and most bloodiest massacre of African Americans on American soil – an event that even the National African American History Museum lacks an exhibit for. It is a story that every American, regardless of race, should be aware of as it has many modern-day implications in the current national racial tension.

The Elaine massacre of 1919, a piece of history that very few know about and a historical event that was omitted from the textbooks. Deangelo writes the horrific story from the perspective of a white man who, as a child, participated in the killings and has had to endure a long remorseful life dealing with what he did.

In recent news, Emmett Till’s accuser recanted the story that resulted in his gruesome murder years ago but it does not change the past or the damage that was done. Like this fictional character, she has had to deal with her part in an innocent young man’s murder and everything that resulted from it.

Deangelo would often wonder how historical African Americans, like Emmett Till or Martin Luther King Jr., who died at the hands of racist whites, would feel about the high murder rate among African Americans in cities like Chicago that once served as a safe haven for those escaping the cruel South.

Between 1877 and 1950, his own hometown of Philips County led the nation in lynching and is now, like Chicago, a place where Black on Black crime is prevalent. Deangelo’s own extraordinarily successful family has experienced modern day corporate lynching fueled by jealousy by both Whites and Blacks, even the local NAACP, resulting in significant financial loss. Deangelo hopes that by highlighting such an important piece of history in his work, he can make an impact on how those in the African American community view each other. The audio book will have a soundtrack, a feature that is unheard of, making this literally a work of art. Look out for the first song release, Trouble so Hard.