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MEEP! A Tablet Designed Just for Kids


Oregon Scientific, a leading designer and worldwide marketer of personal electronics, announced its entry into a hot new category: kid’s tablets. Leaving cartridge-based devices behind in the dust, the new Wi-Fi enabled MEEP! tablet runs on the Android operating system…

Pamida & Shopko Merge


Pamida Stores located in Ashland, Two Harbors and Ely will be among 193 Pamida stores in 17 states that will become Shopko stores over the next year. That follows the announced merger of the two companies that will create a…

VTech Announces Tablet For Kids :: InnoTab


Today VTech® released the InnoTab™, a multi-function educational tablet for children. InnoTab is now available at major retail and toy stores and VTechKids. This innovative learning app tablet brings interactive and animated reading, educational gaming, creative activities, and a rich collection of applications…