Quick Dial Numbers, Not Just 911

Any cellphone, home phone consumers are able to dial three digits to reach the special three digit servers. 211 – Health and Human Services The implementation of 2-1-1 nationwide is being spearheaded by the United Way and specialized information and … Continue reading »

7 Sins of Windows 7

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) undertakes to promote the use of Free software among users and companies and started a new campaign to educate possible users of Windows 7 of the “Windows 7 Sins“: poisoning education invading privacy monopoly behaviour … Continue reading »

Drink In Style

2 Carat Mug Heard the one about the sparkling ‘diamond’ ring that’s attached to a porcelain mug? It’s hilarious. Especially seeing as it’s packaged in a beautiful presentation box that only shows the gleaming ring. Haha! We’ve seen some amusing … Continue reading »

Fake Postcards Will Infect Your Computer

Fake Internet postcards circulating through e-mail inboxes worldwide are carrying links to the virus known as Zeus Bot. Zeus Bot has been named Americaâ’s most pervasive computer Botnet virus by Network World magazine, reportedly infecting 3.6 million U.S. computers. These … Continue reading »