What Was Political Five Years Ago

2012 was not only an election year, it came with its own set of Anti-Obama conspiracies and paranoias: Obama is a secret Muslim Obama is bringing 100 million Muslims to America Obama once aided the mujahideen Obama is in the … Continue reading »

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!

Today is May 4, 2012 …. Star Wars Day. Stardust is the first U.S. space mission dedicated solely to the exploration of a comet, and the first robotic mission designed to return extraterrestrial material from outside the orbit of the … Continue reading »

Jeans That Stand On Their Own

Naked and Famous, has made a pair of jeans out of the heaviest denim in the world. Two to three times the weight of your average high quality denim, these Naked and Famous jeans are made from 32oz selvedge denim … Continue reading »