Suggestions To Fix The US Government

The largest piece of tax anyone should pay is the “Local Tax”, then “State Tax” and final “Federal Tax”. It is not the current system. Citizens “Federal” taxes and various federal agencies decide how much “State” and “Local” is returned in … Continue reading »

Canada’s Women Filmmakers in the Spotlight

Telefilm Canada and the Rogers Group of Funds are pleased to announce the latest Canadian English-language and French-language feature-length documentaries to receive funding support under the Theatrical Documentary Program. They are: Jennifer Baichwal’s and Edward Burtynsky’s Anthropocene; Brigitte Berman’s The Gordon Pinsent Documentary; … Continue reading »

Superdelegates Don’t Sound Legit …

They sound like they’re part of a shady government work-around, but Samantha Bee is here to explain why your “Superdelegate Hit list” is actually really dumb. In American politics, a “superdelegate” is a delegate to the Democratic National Convention who is seated automatically and chooses for … Continue reading »