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DIY it yourself is about being frugal, creative and taking on a challenge that would enhance your life. Many DIY projects are worth doing . . . while others you should leave to the professionals.

Make Your Own Sex Toys: 50 Quick and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects

Giving new meaning to the expression “take pleasure into your own hands,” Make Your Own Sex Toys is a witty yet practical guide featuring how-to directions for 50 inventive DIY accoutrements. Readers can whip up the Knitted Willy Warmer for cold winter nights, get turned on with the Electro Stimu vibrator, or assemble the Mutual Member double-dildo to cheer up a lonely friend.

Practical information plus easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams ensure professional results even for the crafting novice. With quick-reference sidebars, crafty improvisation ideas, and handy shortcuts, Make Your Own Sex Toys is sure to get the creative juices flowing.