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Nasa :: Definitely worth a look at least for the photos.
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Quite Interesting Facts of the Day

The four Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan on 18th April 2002, were the first Canadians to die in combat for more than 50 years. They were accidentally bombed by an American F16.

Tech News

Do You Really Want to Share
Is this TMI? It could be. (biz journals . . .)

Buy Stock in Honey
Buy stock in honey and keep texting, tweeting and using your cell phone as an alarm clock.  (my broadband. . .)

I Know Where You Are
Teens might rebel and start passing actual paper notes in class and leave technology for college.  (tennessean . . .)

All You Need is One
How many browsers do you need? Just one, but which one. Opera has released version 10. Note, it is not for classical music or opera lovers. (pc world . . .)

We Can Soon Out Run Police
Ford will no longer build Crown Vic, the choice police car. Which one? Taurus. Possibly the Cop Limited Issued Taurus? CLITaurus. (lansing state journal . . .)

Avengers Episode “The Positive Negative Man” Comes True, Sort of
The Avengers Episode has technology that electricity passes through air, no wired needed to produce electricity.  It actually works! Wireless Electricity. Now will someone get on the Star Trek Transporter. (hack a day . . .)

Hair of the Dog
The witches brew could be a key to cancer. (msnbc . . .)

When Stupid Looking Get Cool
Average motorcycle gets 35-40 mpg, but not this one – 230 mpg. (mobile mag . . .)

US 18-24 Really Could Careless
In typical fashion, US 18-14 year olds are the most educated when it comes to green issues, could actually don’t care. It must take too much effort, like getting up to change the channel. (green biz . . .)

When You Should Stop Blogging
The economy is not that bad, but come on . . . there has got to be something worth writing about or does the blog assume all readers are complete idiots. (apt therapy . . .)

Writers Do Lie, or Mislead
Yahoo is reporting that a homeless blogger gets great internship. If living in an RV is homeless than there is a huge retired population that is poorly defined. My parents live in their RV, does that mean they are homeless? Nope. Homeless is NOT living in an RV. (yahoo . . .)

AT&T Trouble
Lawsuits concerning the ability to send MMS messages. Just in case you didn’t know SMS (Short Message Service), EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) and MMS ( Multimedia Message). Basically people with the iPhone got pissed they couldn’t send MMS. They can send a text, but that is not good enough. What did they want to send, a dancing Jesus?  (the register . . .)

What Will Newspapers Do Now?
Newspapers down 30% and 16% drop in online revenue, now what? (niemanlab . . .)

Need a Mortgage?
How about Google adding mortgage, Lending Tree pissed. (ditital trends . . .)

Past High Tech
Wonder if any of these tech gadgets still are being used by anyone. (chicago tribune . . .)

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